International Silk Screen Biennial Exhibition

“We are pleased to announce that the 5th NBC Meshtec Tokyo International Screen Print Biennial, a public offering biennial that is specialized in screen print works, is to be held following the 2013 biennial, and now we invite works from Japan and overseas.

The entry acceptance period is from August 3 (Mon) to  28 (Fri), 2015.

The purpose of the biennale is, for us NBC Mestech Inc., a supplier of screen print materials, to contribute to dissemination of screen printing, advancement of printing technology and expression as well as art and cultural activities.
We expect a wide variety of submissions through public offering from both Japan and overseas, and submissions will be judged on various aspects including artistic quality and artistic expression to select Grand Prize and other prizes.

The prizes will be selected through the judgment by the jury and announced in October, and the prize winning works will be exhibited from November 23 (Mon) to 28 (Sat), 2015 at the Gallery of the Japan Artists Association (Ginza, Tokyo).”

See website hereaward_winner51


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