Bookplate Design Award 2016

The New Australian Bookplate Society is pleased to announce its Bookplate Design Award 2016, a competition for students studying art and design in Australian tertiary institutions. Entrants are asked to submit up to 4 separate designs for bookplates using any digital or traditional printmaking technique, including solely typographical. They may also be high quality reproductions of an original executed in pen and ink, watercolour or other drawing or painting medium.There is no entry fee.

More info:


Image credit:

Tom Ferson for himself, 2009

Gael Phillips for herself, 2008

David Frazer for Caitlin Littlewood (courtesy Robert C Littlewood)


One thought on “Bookplate Design Award 2016

  1. Hey, it’s Justin.

    Is this Ex Libris competition still on, or have they taken the prints and run?

    The reason I ask is that the host website doesn’t seem to be active anymore. I do have saved copies of the information and entry forms, plus it is accessible by Google cache.

    Thank you,


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