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Parramatta Artists’ Studios invites applications for
6 and 12-month studio tenancies.


Applications open – 23 July 2019
Applications close – 9 September, AEST midnight
Applicants notified – 1 October 2019
Studio tenancies commence – 2 December 2019 or 1 June 2020 (6-month tenancy only)




artboard-13.pngA CALL TO RESPOND

Issue six of the Equal Standard finds us delving into the world of extremes. Let us know what you think! We are now accepting written and artwork submissions until 5 AUGUST, 2019. To find out more, visit the submission page of the website.

How do we as a society make space for the “extreme”? How could we come to a better understanding of ‘extreme’ ideas if we remove violence, chaos and overthrowing power as defining traits of extremism? At the core of ‘extremism’ would then sit radical, evolutionary, critical thought and ideas. How do we allow these to proliferate and be debated?

If we make space for ‘extreme’ ideas, where do we draw the line, if at all? As a society can we censor right-wing ideologies and leave progressive politics untouched? To ignore, punish or demonise ‘extreme’ ideas is at our peril – the ‘mainstream’ has not proven to be the most morally coherent option. Where has the idea of infinite growth on a finite planet got us?

All life on this planet is faced with an extreme and imminent existential threat from our self-made climate catastrophe. Will our society sanction extreme responses? Who will be ‘extreme’ then?

See you on the flip side,
The Equal Standard Team

Affinity: Sylvie Veness | Zoë Veness

Sylvie Veness | Zoë Veness
25 July – 11 August 2019
opening night
Wednesday 24 July 2019, 6 – 8 pm


Sylvie Veness and Zoë Veness are siblings showing together for the first time.
An affinity with intricate detail through repetitive crafting and seriality features strongly in their work as well as subtle ideas relating to notions of containing, arranging and collecting. This exhibitionis an opportunity to explore these subtleties and to identify other synergies in the work.

Image courtesy of the artist
Zoë Veness
Waiting for Tomorrow, 2017,
paper, steel cable and 10ct yellow gold.
Photo by Peter Whyte