Carriageworks is currently seeking volunteers!!


Image:Rebecca Baumann, Radiant Flux 2020. Commissioned by Carriageworks. Image Mark Pokorny

During Summer 2020 Carriageworks will present four large-scale installations by leading Australian artists Rebecca Baumann, Daniel Boyd, Kate Mitchell and Reko Rennie. Each work is immersive, participatory and site-specific, engaging with the unique history and architecture of the precinct. Carriageworks is currently seeking volunteers from 8th January – 1st March 2020.


This is a fantastic opportunity for students to receive training and behind the scenes experience at Australia’s largest and most innovative multi-arts centre. In addition to our incentive program, which offers multiple benefits for hours contributed, volunteering provides great networking opportunities and places students in excellent stead for when casual and full-time positions open in Programming and Production, Visitor Services, and Events.


Shifts are on average 4 hours long and available Monday – Sunday. All details including a position description and how to apply can be found here.


@Carriageworks are currently seeking volunteers for their Summer 2020 program. You will receive first hand training and a behind-the-scenes experience with four major installations from Australian artists.

Apply before 22 Nov:


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